What the Bulls need to do to overtake the Pistons

I’m huge sports fan, so much that I’m thinking of spinning off a new blog about sports since the TechToolBlog is not the right spot for these rants, but this 1st post is going up here.

Last night I watched the Chicago Bulls vs Detriot Pistons.  I’m a Bulls fan (I grew up in Jordan’s hay day) so I have a rooting interest till this day in the Bulls.  Watching the second half, three things became painfully clear for what Chicago needs to do to overtake the Pistons in the Eastern Conference.

  1. Chicago needs a big man who can score….bad.  Ben Wallace is a great defender but doesn’t come into the conversation when offense is involved.  P.J. Brown is a stop gap and isn’t close to an answer.  Scott Sciles needs to play Tyrus Thomas a lot more, he is the closet thing they have and they need to find out if he is the answer. Personally he reminds me more of Shawn Marion (not a big man) then Amare Stoudemire (a big man). So the need for the off season is clear, a big man.  Problem is, none are free agents, that leads to my second point.

2. Loul Deng will not be a first team all league player, ever.  Don’t get me wrong, Deng is a nice player, but it shows that he didn’t pick up basketball until later in his life.  He is not a fluid player and has horrible, horrible hands.  For me he is the trade bait the Bulls need to use to get a big man.  Tyrus Thomas takes his place as a number 3.  Deng stock is high and I believe you could get Kevin Garnett for him and next year’s #1 (2008).  Garrnett is from Chicago and would redo his contract to be on a winner.

3. I really like Ben Gordon, but he can’t be your number 1 scoring threat.  I like him coming off the bench as an instant offense player.  Plus his height can hurt in matchups.  Jerry Stackhouse is a free agent and could be bigger guard who can score.

PG –  Kirk Hinrich

SG – Jerry Stackhouse

SF – Tyrus Thomas

PF – Kevin Garnett

C –  Ben Wallace

Bench: Ben Gordon, Andreas Nocioni, Chris Duhon, Thabo Sefolosha, Michael Sweetney, PJ Brown, Malik Allen


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